Invixium Access

Our brand is a commitment of value that is shared by our employees, partners and customers. The Invixium brand means a lot to us, and reflects our passion, energy and excitement for making a profound difference in the industry. We will strive to adhere to our promise of delivering Exquisite Design, Unparalleled Quality and a Delightful Experience.



IXMWEB Access Control

Remarkably Intuitive and Functional Access Control Systems. Access control is the capability...


IXM Mycro Access Control

It’s astounding that a biometric access control device could be built so thin, while still offering an incredible amount features...


IXM Sense Access Control

The presence detect feature is a unique product feature that we've included in all device models. For the user, this feature informs...


IXM Touch Access Control

In order to provide users with the best experience, we chose to incorporate the best capacitive touchscreen available. Continuous rescannin...

Target Markets

  • Corporations – Employee/ Visitor ID cards, Access Control badges
  • Universities & Schools – Student and Staff ID cards
  • Transportation – Buss Pass, Driving License
  • Government Sectors – National ID cards