IXM Mycro Access Control (Brilliantly Slim yet Powerful)

Slim Factor:

It’s astounding that a biometric access control device could be built so thin, while still offering an incredible amount features, such as: a blazing fast 720 MHz processor, Android Jelly Bean OS, 512MB in-built flash memory and so much more. All in a beautiful shell designed and made with an exceptional level of quality. IXM Mycro measures a mere 43 millimeters thin and weighs just 300 grams. We achieved a design like this because of relentless attention to detail when engineering all devices.

IP 65:

Challenging deployment environments is what we live for, that’s why our entire product offering is IP65 rated and can withstand an amazingly wide temperature range of -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F) as well as dust, making the Invixium product series one of the most reliable biometric recognition devices available on the market today.


Anti-Shock Vandal Protection (ASVP) ensures that your device is safely mounted on the wall at all times and any attempt to displace the unit or any forceful vandalism can be detected and authorities can be informed. The accelerometer installed in the device senses even the smallest jerk made to the device and can notify the administrator to raise an alarm.