IXM Sense Access Control (Totally Extensible and Flexible)

Remarkably Intuitive and Functional Access Control Systems. Access control is the capability to control and monitor authorized and unauthorized access of staff, visitors and trespassers. These Smart card reader systems provide greater security for staff and visitors, whilst restricting access to high security or confidential areas.

Presence Detect:

The presence detect feature is a unique product feature that we've included in all device models. For the user, this feature informs the biometric sensor and the processor that a user is present and it is time to wake up the sensor and other user authentication related components and services. This intelligent feature helps save power and eliminates the risk of over-heating.


It's unnoticeable modular design future-proofs your investment as the device is upgradable to Invixium's future innovations in the field and you can have an upgraded device at an unbelievable lower investment.


By powering Invixium devices over Ethernet (PoE) the overall total cost of ownership has been dramatically reduced, while still maintaining lightning fast communication speeds. With PoE, the constraint of having an AC power adapter is eliminated, providing scalability and flexibility when deploying our devices, as well as the freedom to choose the most optimal installation location without running extra wires or cables.