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Smart Cards

Order smart cards for printing Id Card from Danish.Types of smart card available are Contact chip, EM proximity, HID iclass, HID mifare, Philips mifare cards, HID Proximity ISO prox II, Proximity cards 125 kHz, Prox III Cards and iClass cards.



Contact Chip Cards

Chip cards contain a memory chip that can be read or encoded via the chip contacts. The chip card is standardized according...


EM Proximity Cards

The EM Proximity Card (TK4100) is 125 kHz RFID technology cards. It offers both thick (Clamshell card) and thin (ISO) cards...

Target Markets

  • Corporations – Employee/ Visitor ID cards, Access Control badges
  • Universities & Schools – Student and Staff ID cards
  • Transportation – Buss Pass, Driving License
  • Government Sectors – National ID cards