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PVC Plain Cards

NPVC Cards Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a thermoplastic polymer derived from vinylidene chloride. Extremely popular for card manufacture (as well as cling film, plastic bottles and piping), this light-weight material can be laminated, printed, hot stamped and embossed and is relatively low cost.

The material is a colourless polymer of vinyl chloride.

  • Blank ID cards are available in Ultra Card PVC and Ultra Card II versions.
  • Ultra Card is a polished, scratch- and debris-reduced, high-quality video PVC card.
  • Ultra Card II is a high-durability polyester card with PVC laminate on top and bottom. Only UltraCard or UltraCard II card blanks are recommended for use with Quatro and Uno ID Card Systems.
  • They’re 30 mil. thick, to last a lifetime. These CR-80 cards are designed to get the most out of your printer and cartridge, for crystal-clear badges and ID cards that look great, even after years of use.
    All of our cards are ISO compliant, and will work with any color or monochrome digital imaging system. They are also graphics quality to enhance print quality and create the image sharpness you need to produce vivid colors and detailed readable bar codes.