Sensormatic Supertag

The Sensormatic SuperTag has been the industry leader for over 14 years, now a distributed in UAE and Middle East and Africa from Cardz Dubai. Built for performance, ultimate security and ease of use the SuperTag family has been the preeminent choice for retailers to protect their most valued assets. The robust ABS plastic housing combined with the time-tested rotary clamp and spring gate locking mechanism provide exceptional defeat resistance. These reusable hard tags offer a strong visual deterrent without detracting from merchandise presentations. Retailers world wide embrace SuperTag as an essential anti shoplifting solution.

  • Small sleek design. The small size provides just the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation.
  • Lightweight construction. SuperTag® III can be applied to a wide variety of apparel, minimizing the affect on even the most delicate garments.
  • Defeat resistant design. A rigid ABS plastic housing combined with the Sensormatic® patented rotary clamp and spring gate mechansim provide retailers with a formidable security device to protect merchandise.
  • High performance. SuperTag® III utilizes bias/resonator technology, providing consistent pick detection.
  • The best Anti shoplifting solution, EAS detection system from Cardz Dubai.

UNISEN™ supplies new and used Sensormatic SuperTags® to security distributors and retailers worldwide.

  • Authentic, Secure and Reliable SuperTags
  • We offer the SuperTag I and SuperTag II brand new or pre-owned, and we guarantee their quality and authenticity.
  • Why purchase low-quality copies of the SuperTags when you can purchase authentic Sensormatic SuperTags in large or small quantities from UNISEN at very competitive prices.
  • Best seller RF tags in the region.
  • Brand new pins for the SuperTag are also available, as well as our Universal Ink Tag, which is fully compatible with SuperTags.
  • UNISEN will also purchase your new and/or pre-owned superTags.

Since 1994 UNISEN has been a leading manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveilance EAS detection system products designed to help retail companies prevent losses resulting from shoplifting. Danish Solutions is specialised distributor in EAS solutions, Acousto-Magnetic (AF Tags) and Radio-Frequency (RF Tags) systems, tags and labels that are fully compatible with Sensormatic UltraMax, Checkpoint RF, and other branded EAS systems, detatchers and deactivators. We also produce a unique line of benefit denial ink tags, which are now widely used by many retailers wanting to create an effective deterrence to shoplifting without the hassle and expense of EAS systems. Our RF tags, specially designed for libraries, help provide effective protection for your collection. Available in a variety of types and styles, they can be used safely on virtually all materials and equipment. These are paper-thin adhesive labels that are easy to apply. RF Tags are a cost effective security solution.