Signotec Electronic Signature Pads

Get Best Deals on Signotec Electronic Signature Pads from Danish.Model Available:Signotec LCD Signature Pad Alpha,Signotec Colour LCD Signature Pad,Signotec LCD Signature Pad Sigma.



Signotec LCD Signature Pad Alpha

The Alpha Pad is the newst product from the signotec development department. differs substantially from his two brothers "Sigma" and...


Signotec Colour LCD Signature Pad Omega

The signotec LCD signature pad "Omega" is the big brother of the successful "Sigma". A signature capture device "Made in Germany"...


Signotec LCD Signature Pad Sigma

The signotec LCD Signature Pad "Sigma" is the little brother of the successful Signature Pad "Omega". The "Sigma" is a device for capturing...

Target Markets

  • Corporations – Employee/ Visitor ID cards, Access Control badges
  • Universities & Schools – Student and Staff ID cards
  • Transportation – Buss Pass, Driving License
  • Government Sectors – National ID cards