SECUTAC ST700 Face Recognition Time Attendance

Dansih Solutions introduce the sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed Secutac 700 Face recognition system designed for Access Control applications. Secutac 700 is a modern Face recognition Time attendance system / door access system which also supports Fingerprint and Card Access Control.

When using Secutac 700, users can identify or verify themsleves either by face,finger, card ID or PIN/Password. The TFT color touch screen of Secutac700 provides ease of use and a rich user experience. The Secutac 700 face recognition door access system uses state of the art 3D imaging technology for Face recognition while also providing hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication. The Secutac 700 utilizes ST's latest face and fingerprint matching algorithms which are even faster than its predecessor. Secutac 700 can one to many (1:N) match up to 400 faces and 2000 fingerprints.

When users glance into the Secutac 700 camera, it captures the relative position, size,shape of the user's eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw. These parameters are then used to create a biometric template which is then used to subsequently verify or identify each user. The Secutac 700 Face recognition system from Cardz Dubai can be used as a stand-alone access control reader by connecting a door lock, exit switch, alarm and door sensor to the relay contacts. The Wiegand IN and OUT ports can be used to connect 3rd party access control panels and peripherals. The Secutac 700 security door access system also includes a USB port for offline data backup/management. For even more security, Secutac 700 can be purchased with an internal ID card reader which adds still another layer of security. Secutac 700 comes with a very easy to navigate color TFT touch screen making the ST700 functional, secure and very easy to use.

  • Elegant ergonomic German-designed enclosure
  • 3” TFT color touch-screen display
  • Supports 50 time zones, 99 groups and 10 unlock combinations for access control
  • Contact relays for door locks, exit button, alarms, bell, etc
  • Stores 2000 fingerprints and 400 faces and matches with superior accuracy
  • Infrared light source enables face detection and matching in dimly lit environments
  • Contactless 1-second employee recognition
  • Face recognition Access Control
  • Operates stand-alone or can be interfaced with third party access control panel using Weigand Interface
  • Built-in TCP/IP, Serial and USB interfaces
  • A voice & visual indication for acceptance & rejection of valid & invalid fingerprints/faces
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers
  • Multi-language support